Who are we …

… a licensed railway operator and we’ve been present on the Polish freight transport market since 2005.

… a company that rapidly develops the range and quantity of its transport and technical tasks. Due to that reason, we are continuously looking for people interested in railway professions.

Team of professionals with many years of experience in the provision of railway services works around the clock for the success of our company.

Many years of experience, versatile rolling stock and excellent staff are the guarantee of the highest quality of our services.

If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable railway operator – please contact us.


We specialize in

  • transportation of fuels and chemical products,
  • transportation of cargoes exceeding the standard loading gauge in dimensions or weight,
  • transportation of locomotives and rolling stock to repair, examination and testing workshops
  • complex service of railway sidings in the scope of shunting works and railway logistics,
  • shunting services for seaports and industrial clients
  • training of the train drivers and railway staff,
  • repair works in the scope of ongoing handling and diagnostics of electric and diesel locomotives,

We continuously develop our staff…

… so if you’re interested in working as a train driver or if you want go into training in order to be able to perform this profession in near future – please contact our Human Resources Department.

We’re an employer that is well-perceived and respected in the industry, and which offers good conditions of employment, job and income stability, as well as continuous possibility of development for persons interested in improving their qualifications and professional skills.

Due to new investments in the scope of maintenance and repair of locomotives and railway cars, we are also eager to hire mechanics and electricians who have not had contact with the railway before, but would like to change the industry.


Supervisory Board:

Zbigniew Nowik
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Andrzej Klimek
Member of the Supervisory Board

Daniel Ryczek
Member of the Supervisory Board

Radosław Krawczyk
Member of the Supervisory Board

Management Board:

Grzegorz Hałasiewicz
President of the Management Board

Tomasz Ciesielski
Vice President of the
Management Board

History of STK

STK company was established in 2005 as a limited liability company with fully private capital.

The beginnings of our activity mainly consisted of performing orders for transportation of oversize cargoes for manufacturers of power equipment.

Narrow specialization became the basis for the success of our company in the early years of activity. We’ve became to be known as a coherent and effective team of professionally prepared and successfully operating people, who have always appreciated the long-term relations and responsibility for the performed work.

A team of experienced and committed people, who are able to plan and conduct the train with cargoes considerably exceeding the accepted standard through entire Poland, has began activity on the market of classic railway transport in equally effective manner since 2008.

Our new speciality has included the transportation of fuels and chemical materials. Today, our trains transport fuels and other products from the scope of so called heavy chemistry, between the largest refineries and industrial plants in Poland. Such cargoes require great technological discipline, experience and high sense of responsibility from the railway operator – not only for the entrusted cargo and equipment, but also for their impact on the environment.

According to the ranking kept by the Office of Rail Transport, we’re in the fifth place on the list of the largest private railway operators in Poland.

Due to constant development and learning during new challenges, we’re currently also present in the field of container and bulk cargo transportation.

Our main clients are the largest plants of fuel, power and heat industry in Poland, and the container cargoes handled by us are delivered to major seaports and reloading terminals in Poland and Western Europe.

For the carrying out of the above services, we use electric locomotives, and today we use more than 20 of them. They mainly include the reliable constructions of Skoda and Bombardier, but our greatest pride is the Dragon locomotives, and we are their first user.

Dragon – first for over 20 years now, a new Polish locomotive – it is associated with our company since the beginning of its market presence. We supported its performance tests and works related to allowing it to be accepted for operation on the Polish railway network.

For shunting works and transportation on non-electrified lines, we use diesel locomotives, performance and reliability of which meet high expectation of our Clients.

We also have at our disposal railway cars for transportation of fuels, powdery cargoes, containers, and our network of business connections allows us to provide our Clients with comprehensive service for their transportation needs, in the scope of railway transport, road transport or reloading.

Since the beginning of its activity, our company has maintained good relations with other private railway operators from Poland, as well as the foreign ones, supporting their everyday activity and cooperating in the field of transportation and maintenance of rolling stock. We have particularly good relations with Czech and Slovak operators.

In 2008, STK was transformed into a joint stock company. To this day, 100% of the shares remain in private hands.

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